Nutrition Plans To-Go: Apps to Support Weight Loss

There are hundreds of smartphone apps that claim to help users lose weight, but what do experts think? In a new article on SurroundHealth, Utilizing Nutrition Apps with Patients for Weight Loss Success, member Katy Olinski provides an expert’s opinion on two of the best weight-loss apps and how they can be used effectively.

Olinski—an MS, BS, and RD—highlights MyFitnessPal and SparkPeople, both of which are free, web-based and mobile. She wrote the article after watching a male family member successfully use MyFitnessPal to lose 45 pounds. Expanding beyond theoretical insights as an RD, she was able to witness the effectiveness of the product first-hand. In the article, she explores 7 benefits, including nutrient calculation and creating a sense of community, and she also provides tips on how best to use the apps.

With the rise in obesity awareness across the nation and government intervention, it’s important to continue to educate and share the most current health trends and technologies. One aspect that really sparked our interest is that the programs are internet-based. It isn’t hard to link the growing obesity level in the United States to a lack of physical activity due to sitting in front of a computer. So, why not fight fire with fire? One of the major factors in weight gain is now being used as a channel for weight loss.

To access this article as well as resources, discussions, news and events on the use of technology in patient education, check out SurroundHealth.  SurroundHealth is a free, online learning community for health professionals.

Contributed by SurroundHealth Guest Blogger, Samantha Rodriguez.


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