Putting “Diva” into Diabetes

When you think of diabetes, “fabulous” and “fun” aren’t usually the first words that come to mind. However, a new article on SurroundHealth spotlights a brilliant advocate who has focused his career on making those two words the heart and soul for diabetes awareness and behavior change. Max Szadek is the man behind Divabetic®; a program dedicated to creating an environment for women at risk or with diabetes to speak about diabetes related issues and self-care for their diabetes in a unique and empowering atmosphere.

Fueled by the death of his former boss and R&B legend, Luther Vandross and the openness of diva Patti Labelle on being a diabetic, Szadek developed innovative outreach programs and has spread his advocacy throughout many major U.S. cities . Divabetic® not only incorporates fun activities and humor, but also focuses on addressing the person, instead of the disease or problem. From beauty services to diabetes education, the programs within Divabetic® aim to make a lasting impact on those who participate. The women who participate get a chance to not only learn about how to take care of themselves and their diabetes, but also get emotional support as well as a boost in their self-esteem.

Programs like these really put the emphasis on patient-centered care, which is so important for successful outcomes. Working with a team of diabetes educators, Szadek hosts programs such as Divabetic-Makeover Your Diabetes (beauty services + self-care), Hat Boxing (faith-based hat decorating and testimonials), and Diva TalkRadio (free educational podcast), among many others. On the whole, Divabetic® tackles the emotional side of diabetes rather than the popular food/fitness side that most patients may be used to. This program presents a unique and entertaining approach to promoting behavior change, while focusing on the most important aspect—the patient.

To learn more about this interactive Diva approach to diabetes, check out the SurroundHealth article today or visit Max’s website at www.divabetic.org!

This blog has been authored by SurroundHealth Guest Blogger, Samantha Rodriguez.


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Dominika is a Community Manager of SurroundHealth, an online network where health professionals of different backgrounds come together to learn and share best practices. Dominika has her Master's in Public Health, and is a Certified Health Education Specialist. Prior to SurroundHealth, Dominika worked for Kaiser Permanente, American Cancer Society, both in Patient Services and Community Health, and for HealthEd, developing patient education materials.
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