Recovering from Hurricane Sandy…

For those of us on the east coast, Mother Nature’s latest blow really hit home. Many

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places, homes, and landmarks once familiar to us are now unrecognizable or washed away. We hope that all our members’ homes and families remained safe during the storm. SurroundHealth would also like to extend warm thoughts to all those who suffered any loss during this extreme devastation. As we begin the road to recovery, we would like to share some news and safety tips pertaining to the superstorm.

Staying Safe & Healthy

We recognize that many hospitals, health care providers, and emergency personnel have been continuously working hard to provide care to those in need during this time. With the amount of power outages occurring across the tri-state area, some hospitals in NY and NJ were forced to close, such as one NYU hospital which transported 215 patients to different locations. However, most hospitals did remain open, even if solely running on generator power. A Huffington Post article details the current hospital situation in both states.

As millions are still without power since the storm, it is important to remember that your perishable foods may need to be disposed of. HealthDay news gave some good tips for practicing food safety during this time. A good motto to go by is “When in doubt, throw it out.”

Lend a Helping Hand

Data on previous natural disasters shows that older adults will experience more suffering than younger demographics. The aftermath of the superstorm has left seniors in a particularly vulnerable state, and it is important to remember to lend a helping hand to those in need. We have already seen so much community help coming together to recover the Sandy aftermath and as long as this continues, the road to recovery should not be too rough. Remember how having a strong sense of community leads to a healthier you?

Again, we would like to extend heartfelt thoughts to anyone who has experienced any loss as a result of the hurricane, and also—if you are unable to lend a physical helping hand to any of the communities affected, think about visiting to see how you can make a difference!

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