We want to share our BEST resources with you!

Like we expressed last week, November is a month of sharing. What have you been sharing so far this month? As another way to give back, we thought it would be great to share some of SurroundHealth’s best resources (as voted on by our members) with you. Each week for the rest of the month, we will share a bundle of resources under a specific topic that our members have deemed useful—and hopefully you’ll find them useful too!

Since World Diabetes Day took place this week (Nov. 14th), we figured a great place to start was diabetes content. Affecting a huge chunk of the world’s population, diabetes is a disease that hits home for many, and these resources have been found to be extremely useful and informative for many of the health care professionals in our community.

A couple of articles…

What you need to know about the link between diabetes and hearing loss

–  A great read on a not-so-common link to diabetes. AADE Diabetes Educator of the Year, Joanne Rinker, delves into the research behind hearing loss, its connections to diabetes, and most importantly, what health professionals can do about it.

– This article also includes a very useful Hearing Handicap Inventory for the Elderly (HHIE-S)

Divabetic: Diabetes edutainment to promote behavior change

– Energetic and full-of-life diabetes advocate, Max Szadek, shows how to promote behavior change in fun and unique ways through his program, Divabetic.

– Check out the article or our past blog to learn about the different patient-centric activities he hosts

A couple of resources…

Diabetes Numbers At-a-Glance

– This free pocket guide based on American Diabetes Association clinical recommendations, provides a list of current recommendations to diagnose and manage pre-diabetes and diabetes.

Insulin Nation

– With tons of resources being accessed online, this digital diabetes magazine may be just the thing for you with lots of useful resources

Stay tuned!

For more diabetes content and resources, visit SurroundHealth & stay tuned this month as we share more of our best resources with you!

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