Education Technology and Healthcare

Tablets, iPads, apps, twitter…..the list goes on! How have you been keeping up with technology advancements as a healthcare professional? There are tons of technology resources out there today that are changing the way healthcare is run and education is distributed to patients around the world. For this last week of sharing our most popular resources, take a look at some great education technology content from SurroundHealth.

Let’s start off with a couple of articles…

How to Put Together a Virtual Class

–          In this article, Joanne Rinker gives tips on how to use technology for patient education and to reach broad audiences. This type of online meeting/class can be useful for following up with patients while avoiding multiple visits.

Text messaging: A valuable mHealth tool for behavior change

–          Enjoy texting? Member Swapna Mehta, MPH, speaks of the different benefits texting has in behavior change, promoting health, and preventing disease.

Want to know about iPad usage in healthcare? Check out our past blog where we got some insights from two cancer patient educators.

Continuing with a few resources…

Apps developed by the US Government

–          With the millions of apps to choose from, you may be wondering which ones are credible. This site shared by Susan Collins, lets you search for any app that has been developed by the US Government.

140 Healthcare Uses for Twitter

–          Compiled by Phil Baumann, this list includes 140 ways Twitter can be used in healthcare—some can even save nurses and other health professionals’ time!


Interested in STATS?

Healthcare Extender Lens: Educational Technology in Healthcare

–          HealthEd Academy, the sponsor of SurroundHealth, recently published the report(which can be downloaded for free). It revealed current barriers to using technology but also highlighted many benefits and key opportunities for growth.

–          Also available for free download are a PowerPoint presentation and infographic with important stats and findings from the report


We hope that you enjoyed SurroundHealth’s month of giving and took advantage of the resources we shared! Although November is coming to a close, we still have plenty to share with you before the end of the year, so stay tuned!

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