Inspired by the Affordable Care Act

The month of December is a good time to reflect on the past year as well as look forward to what the New Year may bring. In terms of healthcare, Americans have a lot to anticipate as 2013 rolls in, with the Affordable Care Act setting in motion. With the ACA comes many new changes; ones that will make great impacts in the lives of many. Day in and day out, we all have inspirations to keep us moving forward, and we would like to bring to light an inspirational video that we came across entitled, “Thank You, Affordable Care Act”.

The quick and down-to-earth video features real people with their personal “Thank-you’s” to the Affordable Care Act. From coverage for pre-existing conditions, to affordable medication, to having coverage under parents until the age of 26, everyone has a different reason to be thankful for health reform.

If you have a couple of minutes to spare (the video is only 2 minutes!), watch the video produced by Community Catalyst, a national non-profit consumer advocacy organization dedicated to quality affordable health care for all.


How about you… What inspires you? We would love to hear what your inspirations are– regarding the Affordable care act or any inspirations you have in your daily or professional life! Share with us by commenting below.

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