Closing out 2012 and entering the New Year on an inspirational note!

In last week’s post we highlighted an inspirational video about the Affordable Care Act. This week, we have a couple more inspirational pieces to share with you and hope that they help inspire you in the New Year and always.

Improving the lives of patients

Patients are at the center of all healthcare professionals’ focus. A video that we came across displays a project with a mission to improve the lives of patients by transforming their environments. The HealthCare Healing Environments (HHE) aims to lift patient spirits in the face of healthcare challenges by transforming waiting areas in hospitals, clinics and medical offices into calming and healing environments. To see the different ways they structure a healing environment, watch the full video.



How patients inspire us

One of our colleagues recently shared a wonderful blog about an inspirational patient, Spencer West. Many of us who work with patients or communities know what it is like to have those individuals that inspire us to continue working in the healthcare field and go to work day after day. This blog is a great read, a true inspiration!


Read the full blog.

We’d love to hear any stories you have about inspirations you have in your lives. Join us and continue the discussion on SurroundHealth!

We wish everyone a very happy and healthy new year and look forward to learning & sharing with you in 2013!

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