Helping patients better understand and use electronic health records (EHRs)

The U.S Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) and recently announced the winners of the Health Design Challenge, which invited contestants to redesign the patient health record. With the ongoing healthcare transformation and push for EHR’s, this contest brought to light the importance and need for a simple and easy-to-understand patient record. Additionally, with Meaningful Use objectives and standards evolving over the next five years, many health providers are getting acquainted with EHR’s.

So, who were the winners??

The winning team!

The winning team!

Over 230 submissions were made by talented designers from across the nation. We are proud to say that our parent company, HealthEd was chosen among the winning designs! Winning in the “Best Lab Summary” category, the creative efforts from the team produced a redesign that helps patients understand their current health status and identify necessary steps to maintain their good health. The details of their design were previously described in a blog by team member, Venessa Perez. The patient-centered and innovative design was not unnoticed:

Some things others are saying about the winning design…

Here are a couple of photos of the design, Health Summary:

Health Summary

Health Summary1

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