From the Boston Marathon Tragedy Emerges a Sense of Community

In the hours following the horrific bombings at the Boston Marathon last Monday, many people took to social media to express their concerns, new findings, and words of sympathy to those affected. One quote that went viral and has stood as sign of hope in the wake of tragedy, comes from Mr. Rogers,

Photo & quote from late TV icon, Mr. Rogers

This photo & quote by Mr. Rogers, late television icon, spread hope and encouragement in wake of the Boston Marathon explosions.


The quote, usually along with  black-and-white photo of Mr. Rogers above, circulated throughout various social media streams, and couldn’t be more appropriate for the stories that surfaced around the heroes that day— the emergency personnel, doctors, nurses, etc. who all raced to help the wounded. Several recaps have been shared including, a doctor on how the medical tent “transformed into a trauma unit” and two nurses who relied on trauma experience to treat the wounded. These stories and accounts of lending a helping hand are a true testament to the meaning of community building to help promote wellness. As mentioned in a previous blog, having a strong sense of community leads to a healthier you.

Resources to help individuals & communities cope with disaster

With these types of tragedies come several health challenges, including extreme stress. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation shared yesterday several resources, including websites and tip sheets for dealing with stress and crisis management during emergency situations. Also included was a resource to help find loved ones who were in disaster areas and you have not yet been able to contact. Coming from credible sources such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Red Cross, the following are great resources to assist individuals and communities:

SurroundHealth extends heartfelt thoughts and prayers to all the people and families affected by the disaster. 

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