5 Tips from Health Professionals on Motivating Patients

Last Wednesday, we hosted a webinar, “Motivate Resistant Patients By Changing Your Professional Role,” featuring healthcare extenders who shared their own tips on how they motivate patients in their various roles and settings. These tips were generated from reflections to the book, “Motivational Practice: Promoting Healthy Habits and Self-Care of Chronic Diseases,” by Dr. Rick Botelho, who led the book club webinar.

The panelist lineup (whose collective tips are below) was:

  • Joanne Rinker, MS, RD, CDE, LDN- 2013 Diabetes Educator of the Year
  • Tammy Pilisuk, MPH
  • Sarah Christensen, Mayo Clinic Cancer Education Program 

Here are the tips & reflections they shared:

Photo fo Dr. Rick Botelho's book.

Dr. Rick Botelho shared three chapters of his book on motivating patients and led reflections during the recent SurroundHealth webinar.

1. Consider changing yourself before changing others. Make sure you are setting a good example for your patients.

2. Understand there’s a difference between GIVING information and TALKING about information with a patient. Make sure patients leave knowing how to makes specific behaviors and take action.

3.  Motivational practitioners get more engaged with patients. Realize the pay-off achieved from spending a little more time talking with patients. Active listening and individualized conversation makes patients feel heard and respected.

4. Assessment is key. Remember that each patient has their own beliefs and values. Make sure not to impose your own personal beliefs on your patients.

5. Learn from your peers. Providing a learning community for staff, such as a training session, allows peers to learn what does and doesn’t work, and provides opportunities for sharing best practices.

To hear more reflections and tips on motivating patients, view the full archived version on SurroundHealth.

Another opportunity for you:

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