Experts Share Tips on Different Healthcare Careers, Part 2

Last time, we began sharing an overview of the non-traditional health careers shared during our latest webinar, “Entrepreneurial Careers in Healthcare.” Today, we are sharing two more health career paths that you may not have considered before.

Photo of Joanne Pitteloud

Joann Pitteloud is the Associate Director of Admissions at the Paul Mirage School of Business at the University of California, Irvine.

Getting your Heath Care Executive MBA (HCEMBA) (Tips from Joann Pitteloud, Associate Director of Admissions at the Paul Mirage School of Business at the University of California, Irvine)

Although not traditionally thought of as a career path for health professionals, an MBA may be a terrific option for those professionals looking to further advance their careers.  By developing skills and tools, candidates will be in position help address and solve health care industry, such as economics and health care reform, politics of health legislation, and competition and behavior in the health insurance market.

Alumni of the Health Care Executive MBA program work in a variety of fields including private, public, non-profit, biotech, pharma, and research/academia.

Joann shared what the health care MBA program is designed to do:

  • Challenge and change the way you think (giving you new perspectives)
  • Improve you decision making skills to drive results
  • Immediate application of skills and tools
    • Hard skills: Analytic decision making, quantitative, technical info
    • Soft skills: Leadership, communication/presentation skills, interpersonal

Becoming an interactive online health educator (Tips from Sid Slover, co-founder of Learn it Live)

Photo of Sidney Slover

Sidney Slover is the co-founder of Learn It Live.

The world of e-learning is booming, as more educators realize that there are alternatives to expensive and inconvenient classroom-based learning. Sid Slover introduced us to Learn It Live, an online learning platform that connects people to health and wellness experts in interactive online classes.

By joining Learn It Live, you can share your expertise by leading a live session (which is proven effective for health education and online learning).

Sid shared a couple of instructor case studies:

  • Dorothy Doughty, wound care nursing
    • Led session to students all around the country
    • For $100/student to attend, provided 6 hr. course. Generated over $10,000 for the expert and their organization!
  • Dr. Ethelson, Cleveland Clinic
    • Ran heart health classes
    • Focused on public education and wellness

To learn more about the benefits of Learn It Live, read this SurroundHealth article, or visit Learn It Live.

To access the full archive (which contains more information and tips from these experts), visit SurroundHealth today!

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One Response to Experts Share Tips on Different Healthcare Careers, Part 2

  1. Cayla Cook says:

    Each of the health care professions in this chart require a minimum of an post-secondary degree and have the ability to get a master’s degree, which was important to me for future growth in the position. They are also good paying medical careers. It is very informative and useful post.

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