Tools for Understanding Healthcare Reform

Healthcare reform, Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act—These phrases have been all the buzz for about two years now, since President Obama signed the law back in 2010. Since then, there has been and continues to be confusion around the different aspects of the new health care law, when and what implementations will be made, and how this affects healthcare extenders and consumers. Rightfully so, since the healthcare reform bill checks in at more than 2,300 pages! SurroundHealth members have been sharing different tools and resources to help clarify the impact that healthcare reform will have over the next few years, so we thought it would be useful to share 5 of them with you this week.

Slideshare: The Affordable Care Act for Dummies

From RockHealth, this slideshare provides an overview of the Affordable Care Act, key provisions, and how digital health companies are taking advantage of the healthcare reform. Some topics include covered expansion, retail health insurance (exchanges), and accountable care organizations (ACOs).

Affordable Care Act for Dummies

Health Care Providers and the Affordable Care Act

The health reform is designed to make our health system stronger and to make it work better for patients, which places huge role and priority changes in the hands of doctors, nurses and many other healthcare extenders. This fact sheet from provides some insight to how the ACA is impacting these professionals.

A Guide To Health Insurance Exchanges

Everyone has heard the term “Health Insurance Exchanges” or “HIEs”, but what exactly are they and will all states have them? This guide from Kaiser Health News, answers many of the common questions regarding exchanges and that impact they will make.

Healthcare Reform Tool Kits: Resources From the Massachusetts Implementation Experience

The Robert Wood Foundation produced this series of toolkits to share experiences, materials, and templates (from the Massachusetts’ experience implementing state-based health reform) to provide timely insights for other nationwide. The series includes toolkits on: building an effective exchange website, implementing a public education campaign, determining health benefit designs to be offered, and more.

Timeline of Affordable Care Act

Not sure what is taking place and when? This timeline from begins in 2010 and extends all the way until 2015, providing perspective of which items will be changing (and have already taken place) and when. The interactive tool has descriptions, fact sheets, and videos throughout.

ACA Timeline

For more resources around the healthcare reform, visit SurroundHealth!

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One Response to Tools for Understanding Healthcare Reform

  1. Dr, Pullen says:

    This is a fine collection of resources, congratulations, I have found that most people not ideologically dead set against anything the democrate can take any credit for are finding far more positives in the Affordable Care Act than negatives. If the nay-sayers don’t sabotage the efforts I expect a modest success.

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