Educating Patients Using Health Literacy Principles

As health professionals, we understand how important using health literacy principles is when working with patients and caregivers. Using health literate educational  materials and communicating with patients in a health literate manner can not only help patients adhere to their treatment plans, but can ultimately improve  health outcomes.

Because SurroundHealth’s focus is on connecting healthcare professionals to content that helps them improve their patient engagement techniques, through educational webinars, discussions, articles, and resources, we put together a quick list of our most popular health literacy articles and webinars. Let us know what you think!

 What is health literacy?

In this article, Maidel De La Cruz, discusses the definition and importance of health literacy, touching upon impact on overall health as well as the need to use universal precautions. In addition, Maidel provides examples of different assessment tools for testing an individual’s health literacy level and content.

Health Literacy Tools

In our most popular health literacy article (based on member views and votes), Liz Carden, MPH, CHES, puts together a robust list of health literacy tools, useful to all types of healthcare extenders. Included are a variety of health literacy measurement tools, assessing patient health literacy tools, and tips on patient-friendly communication.

NCA-Sponsored Health Literacy Webinars

With a grant from the National Communication Association, SurroundHealth hosted a 2-webinar series on health literacy. Topics included principles for evaluating content for patient-friendliness and health literacy, assessing literacy level, behavior change strategies, applying a combination of the teach-back method (skit) and motivational interviewing.

To read the full versions of these articles and more on health literacy, we hope you visit SurroundHealth today.

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