Healthcare Professionals Say Lack of Job Prospects is Major Challenge

In a recent poll we conducted with SurroundHealth members, we asked healthcare professionals what their biggest challenges professionally were. Answer choices were: Lack of funding for programs and services, Lack of staff to get the job done, Changes from/implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Lack of opportunities for growth, and other.

Over one-fourth of respondents cited “not enough new job prospects” as their top challenge.  We thought these result were quite surprising, since so often we hear that health care jobs are in high demand in the United States, including from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which continues to convey that “the health care and social assistance sector will account for almost half of the projected job growth from 2010 to 2020.”

So where’s the disconnect?

Browsing through LinkedIn groups, we are seeing so often people saying that although there WILL be jobs created, they simply aren’t there. This is especially expressed in some of the smaller and rural areas.

Maybe it’s in the hiring process, according to an article from CNN on new nursing graduates. The article touches upon the issue of new graduates coming across thousands of job postings, but with a road block: “no new grads.” Many hospitals are requiring prior experience, but where are they to get it if no one is willing to give it? The issue seems to stem from the recession, according to Peter Buerhaus, co-author of NEJM article, “Registered Nurse Labor Supply and the Recession—Are we in a Bubble?” The article explains how as a result of the recession, many nurses who would have originally been retired are still in the workforce due to financial strains and/or uncertainty, and therefore “clogging up the market.”

Although this example was specific to nursing, many other healthcare professionals may be experiencing the same roadblock to getting hired.

Other challenges

Of the remaining 70 percent of respondents,

  • 27%- Lack of funding for programs and services
  • 23%- Lack of staff to get the job done
  • 14%- Changes from/ implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
  • 5%- Lack of opportunities for growth
  • 5%- Other

We’d love to hear from you too, so please leave us a comment if you are a healthcare professional experiencing any of these same challenges—Or let us know what your challenges are!

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