How Education Technology Can Help Lead to Healthy Outcomes in Diabetes Patients

With an abundance of health technologies surfacing, more providers and patients are using technology for patient education and engagement, such as through EMRs, video-based education, and mhealth applications. Through these outlets, patients are becoming more empowered as they seek information about their health on blogs, websites, forums, etc. More than ever, health systems are working on leveraging technology as a gateway to enhance patient education and engagement with the hopeful goal of better health outcomes. On SurroundHealth, we recognize the importance of educational technology and the impact it has and will continue to have on many patients, including those with diabetes.

Today we are sharing a few of our most popular articles on the topic:



Discovering the human connection in the virtual world: The social media journey of diabetes educator Hope Warshaw

In this interview with Hope Warshaw, RDN, CDE, she discusses using social media to engage and connect with diabetes advocates in the online community. Speaking about the benefits of this mode of interaction, Hope also notes the importance of human-to-human support and the                                                 value of information sharing.


Coding and Billing for Shared Medical Appointments and Phone Interactions

Seasoned diabetes educator Joanne Rinker, RD, CDE, touches upon using Shared Medical Appointments (SMA) and follow-up phone interactions as a way to optimize both provider and educator time.  Reviewing SMA, Joanne also provides key learnings and tips for using this method as well as items to remember when conducting follow-up phone calls.



Overview: Design of an mHealth App for the Self-management of Adolescent Type 1

Laura Wilson, MEd provides an overview of a research article that discusses how an mHealth diabetes app with the use of gamification incentives showed an improvement in the frequency of blood glucose monitoring in adolescents with type 1 diabetes.

For more articles on diabetes or education technology, visit us on SurroundHealth!

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