5 Popular Healthcare Infographics on SurroundHealth

Every day, hundreds of infographics are shared online through various sites and social media channels. A growing way to share information in a clear and visual manner, infographics are becoming very popular in the healthcare space. Many of our members have shared health infographics with us and we have also snagged a few off the internet to share with our members as well. Topics include health literacy, behavior change, education technology, professional development and more!

Here are some of the most popular ones on SurroundHealth:

Infographic: The Rising Popularity of Mobile Health & mHealth Apps

This infographic from GreatCall highlights the rising popularity of mobile health & mHealth applications. Check out the statistics and see what’s on the horizon. If you’d like to learn more about mHealth, including education for health promotion, register for our free webinar on 10/3: “mHealth Education: The Science and Practice of Using Mobile Technology for Health.”


How HCP’s Are Using Social Media [Infographic]

From Pulse + Signal, this infographic explains how social media tools are being used by HCP’s. Do these stats reflect how you use social media as a healthcare extender?


Infographic: The facts about health literacy

As healthcare extenders, we understand how important health literacy is. Shared by Healthcare IT News, this infographic depicts the importance of health literacy, backed by interesting statistics.


Infographic: The Impact of Quantified Self Tracking

Based on Pew Report findings, Pathfinder Software created this infographic visualization that looks at the impact of self-tracking.


Infographic: Adult Learning and Continuing Education

Millions of workers are returning to school as a result of the recession, many in the healthcare field. This infographic discusses adult learning and continuing education.


If you have any infographics that you would like to share with us, please visit us on SurroundHealth or leave us a message below!

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