How Mobile Health (mHealth) Technology Plays a Role in Patient Engagement

Given the high-paced advancement of technology and increased interest by consumers to use mobile health technologies (such as mobile health apps),mHealth has the potential to make a great impact in the healthcare landscape, particularly in patient engagement. In the recent months, many studies have produced data to support the idea that mHealth is a pathway to getting higher patient engagement rates in multiple areas, including medication adherence.

For example, one infographic from the Healthcare Intelligence Network, discusses interesting Medication Adherence (MA) statistics, including the most influential tools for MA.  One of the most compelling statistics we noted was that 2 of the top 5 adherence tools were mHealth methods:

Most popular MA tools:

53% telephonic reminders

38% Aids (e.g pillboxes)

29% Multidose blister packs

29% text messages

26% E-prescribing

It’s apparent that utilizing mobile technology tools for increasing Medication Adherence rates is proving to be a growing trend—a key panel at the 5th Annual mHealth World Congress last August even identified mHealth as a “Critical Strategy in Medication Adherence Programs.”  As technology continues to be at the forefront of everything we do, it makes sense that this is the direction to head for better health outcomes.

mHealth expert, Dr. Bernhardt will lead the event.

mHealth expert, Dr. Bernhardt will lead the event.

Upcoming webinar to explore trends and evidence for mHealth Education

Are you interested in learning more about how to use mobile health technology with patients? An upcoming free SurroundHealth webinar will explore mobile-based health education and promotion strategies, as well as the future of mHealth. Led by Dr. Jay Bernhardt of the University of Florida, attendees will learn practical tips and strategies to put to use every day with patients.

Sign up today for the free October 3rd event!

Please share this event with colleagues and other health professionals; we hope to have you all there.

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