Day 1: Health insurance marketplace now open

The government may be shutdown but the Health Insurance Marketplace is now open! Now an option for healthcare exists for the 30 million Americans who have been uninsured up until today.  Access to healthcare is a foundation for health.  Americans can no longer be denied health insurance if they already have a chronic health condition (actually, this protection had already started).  And, Americans with health insurance can access a range of preventative services from breast cancer and colorectal cancer screenings to immunizations and screenings for type 2 diabetes and depression.

Healthcare extenders: Helping consumers make sense of health care. Healthcare extenders (health professionals on the front lines of health care and public health) need to be ready to answer consumers’ questions and help those who need health insurance access the healthcare marketplace and get enrolled.  These upcoming learning events can help:

  • SurroundHealth hosts a webinar on 10/15 sponsored by HealthEd, “Why do we give patients numbers? Making health data make sense.” Consumers need to navigate numbers when they navigate healthcare and health insurance. This webinar explores how to make the numbers actionable. Registration is free.
  • SOPHE (Society for Public Health Education) is hosting a series of daily events during National Health Education Week.  Healthcare extenders (including health educators) can learn how to help consumers navigate the insurance enrollment process; how to work with ACOs and PCMHs; and how to talk about the different ways ACA promotes health and wellness…plus tap into helpful fact sheets

Let @SurroundHealth know of other learning events of interest to healthcare extenders about #ACA and the Health Insurance Marketplace.

“The greatest wealth is health.”  ~Virgil


About Susan Collins, MS, CHES, RD, SurroundHealth Blogger

I am Community Leader for SurroundHealth (, a social network where health professionals from different backgrounds come together to learn from one another's expertise and to share knowledge and resources. We share a passion for improving the health and well-being of communities and individuals. I am also a registered dietitian and certified health education specialist.
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