SurroundHealth Webinar Reveals Healthcare Professionals’ Thoughts on mHealth Potential

When a poll during last week’s mHealth webinar with Dr. Jay Bernhardt of the University of Florida prompted the question, “Which part of mHealth do you think has the most potential for health promotion and chronic disease self-management,” over 60% of respondents said “Apps.”

Other responses included:

  • SMS/Txt messages – 51%
  • Games – 23%
  • Mobile Web – 20%
  • Location-based (GPS) tools – 6%

This was an interesting result, as throughout his presentation, Dr. Bernhardt stressed how, while there is a strong and growing evidence base for SMS, there is still much left to be learned about Apps, mWeb, etc. So, with more research still needed in this space, we may question why these front line professionals feel that “Apps” have the most potential for health promotion and chronic disease self-management. Could they be seeing opportunities to use Apps in their daily work flows?

With an audience of SurroundHealth members, which consists of a mix of healthcare extenders from different backgrounds, this response gave great insights to how professionals are viewing technological changes in healthcare today. With more than half of survey respondents planning on using mobile technology for health or patient education efforts in the next 3 months, it seems that mHealth use will continue to grow in various healthcare fields in the near future.

As with any new advancement, there are still many questions to be answered. Some of the feedback on additional information attendees wished for:

  • Where best to begin implementing mHealth
  • How to engage older adults, specifically Medicare patients
  • More guidance/resources on how to use the actual technology (sort of a “how-to guide” to technology for health professionals)
  • A comparison of effectiveness of teaching patients through mHealth methods one-on-one VS. in a group

Are these questions aligned with your thoughts on using mHealth in your daily interactions with patients?

Sharing great resources

Dr. Bernhardt shared some wonderful mHealth resources and references during his talk, which can be found on SurroundHealth. Browse through to learn more about app usage, FDA guidelines, Top apps used by HCPs, and more!

To watch the full webinar archive, visit:

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