How have you been celebrating Health Literacy Month?

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Throughout October, across different disciplines in healthcare and education, health literacy is being celebrated in various ways. At halfway through the month, we would like to share how we have been celebrating, as well as give some ideas on how our members and peers can support. And of course, hear what everyone else has been up to!

At SurroundHealth, we’ve had our focus on education:

Health Literacy Webinar Archives – These past SurroundHealth webinars provide health literacy and patient education tips, resources, behavior change strategies, and practical “how-to’s” for health professionals

3 Popular Health Literacy Resources on SurroundHealth:

  • Low Health Literacy Quiz for Health Professionals – A health literacy educational quiz for healthcare providers, that shows how patients may be hearing you, and ways you can help them understand.
  • Health Literacy/Patient Safety Monograph – Published by the AMA, this monograph focuses on ways healthcare providers can create a safe, shame-free environment for their patients.
  • Health Lit Toolkit for Older Adults – Program materials include teaching modules focused on working with the healthcare providers and on finding credible information on the Internet, and tools for needs assessment survey and focus groups and pre- and post-tests.

Some ideas from other organizations…

  • CDC- Health Literacy Activities by State – The links on this page include state and local collaborations and academic, government and non-profit organizations with a health literacy focus.
  •– Get tips on what “we, as a health care consumer or provider, do to learn more about health literacy heighten awareness of this critical issue as well as bring about a change for the better?”
  • (Pinterest) Paths to Literacy Health Literacy Month page– Paths to Literacy shares a few resources for thinking about health literacy and vision health for people who are blind or visually impaired.
  • Engaging the Patient– Follow a month-long blog series and find new articles by health literacy experts, patients, and caregivers.

Share YOUR ideas with us, too! We would love to hear about what you or your organizations are up to this month to celebrate health literacy month. If you have any resources, ideas, or activities lined up—let us know, we would be happy to share them on SurroundHealth.

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2 Responses to How have you been celebrating Health Literacy Month?

  1. gerilynnb says:

    There’s also a month-long blog series on Engaging the Patient, with new articles by health literacy experts, patients, and caregivers every weekday in October.

    • surroundhealthsami says:

      Thanks so much for sharing! We will definitely have to take a look, and we can add your blog to our list of Health Lit Month activities.

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