5 Tips for Successfully Engaging with Patients through Social Media

In the ever-changing era of healthcare, social media offers even more opportunities for patient engagement.  Yet, many struggle with figuring out the best approaches. We recently hosted a webinar where experts from the Mayo Clinic and Swedish Medical Center shared their lessons and practical tips. We extracted some of the key lessons learned:

1.       It’s not about channels, it’s about helping people (patients). You don’t need to participate in EVERY type of social media, but you should engage where patients need it. Make sure to find out what works best for your patients and the content you are producing.

 2.       Find ways to provide content. Package your content and get it online in different ways. This can be in the form of journal articles, presentations, etc. This will grow your online presence and drive traffic.

 3.       Use social media as a listening tool. Learn from patients. Use social media to learn what questions and misconceptions they have and correct them with online information. This is a great way to fix problems that arise and become more open and engaged with your patients.

 4.       Don’t be scared to engage online- Be prepared. Eliminate any hesitation/concern by having internal and external policies in place. An example is to have a privacy policy that covers privacy and participation guidelines for people wishing to interact on social sites.

 5.       Think of social media as a PART of your job, not just extra task. Realize that social media is a way to better engage with your patients. It is not a task. But another way to help patients seek and receive education, information, and resources.

SH_social media webinar

For more tips and advice from Dana M. Lewis, BA; Sheryl Ness, MA, RN; and Sarah Christensen, MA, , watch the full archive of, “Beyond the Office Visit: Successfully Engaging with Patients through Social Media,” on SurroundHealth. Archives of all past webinars are also available.

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