Key Barriers to eHealth Equity

In looking at the current and future eHealth landscape, it is important as healthcare professionals and educators to look at both the promise and barriers of technology. SurroundHealth member and community contributor, Christopher Kelly, MEd, discussed key barriers in our latest SurroundHealth article, which touches upon a publication from last spring entitled “White House Summit on Achieving eHealth Equity” as well as outcomes from a summit by the National Coordinator for Health IT, the Office for Minority Health and Zero Divide.

The barriers identified in the Summit encompass a variety of themes including: Educational, Attitudinal, Behavioral, Structural, Access, and Motivational. They are as follows:

  • Limited access to culturally appropriate, universally designed tools
  • Limited awareness or understanding of eHealth
  • Limited access to health technology
  • Limited digital literacy
  • Financial barriers (for both the patient and the organizations that support them)
  • Limited health literacy
  • Limited access to the internet
  • Privacy and security concerns

To learn more about best practices to overcoming these barriers, read the full article on SurroundHealth:

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