Tools for Using Technology for Health Counseling and Health Education

As healthcare extenders and providers, it is important to stay updated on the best ways to communicate with and reach our patients and clients. Today we are sharing some information gathered by our member and community contributor, Feon Cheng, in our latest SurroundHealth article, “Telehealth/Telemedicine: Using Technology as a Platform for Health Counseling and Education”.

With technology advancements opening doors for more efficient and innovating health communication methods, we thought it would be helpful to put together some tips & tools that healthcare providers can use in their daily work with clients.

Health Counseling

  • Google Helpout– Achieve both video and chat functionality, while remaining HIPPA compliant
  • Skype– At no cost, you can safely engage in video interactions as well as transfer files
  • Text Message– Provide reminders and reinforcement for your clients in between counseling sessions

Health Education

  • Web-Based Education Program– This is a great way to communicate health information to those who are too busy to attend an in-person class
  • Mobile Applications– There are several mobile apps that can serve as a great complement to the health counseling and education services that you provide for your clients. Learn more about mHealth in this free webinar archive.
  • Web-Based Support Program– Peer support is often a key for maintaining health and an online forum makes it easier for peers to interact with each other

To read the full article, visit us on SurroundHealth and also leave some comments!

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