SurroundHealth Spring Updates & Milestones

3 years and nearly 6,000 members.  It’s hard to believe how much we’ve grown over the past few years and how many talented and unique people we have met and collaborated with along the way. As we approach this member milestone, we’d like to give a big “Thanks!” to all of you for your continued support and contributions to the SurroundHealth community. A special shout out to all of our community contributors who have shared articles and resources with us.

Take a look at our top articles, to date:

Have you visited our SH webinar archive?

Here’s your chance to watch (or re-watch) all past SurroundHealth webinars and also access tools and resources share by some of the speakers.

Topics include health literacy, mhealth, numeracy, behavior change strategies, professional development- and more!

Also stay tuned for upcoming webinars in the future.

Share with us: What is your favorite part of SurroundHealth?

Join us in celebrating our birthday by sharing on Twitter your favorite things about SurroundHealth! Just tweet @SurroundHealth using #SHbday 🙂

If you’re not on Twitter, leave us a message on SurroundHealth—we love hearing from you!

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