Community Health Workers: Bridging gaps in cultural and health disparities

Community Health Workers (CHWs) play a significant role in public health and are many times seen as a “bridge” between members of a community and outside health care services and networks. In a recent SurroundHealth article by member and community contributor, Patricia Hernandez, we discuss how CHWs serve as a channel to overcome cultural barriers and why they are an important asset to any health care team.

How CHWs are helping to bridge gaps:

  • Developing and implementing “health action plans”
  • Conducting “one-to-one outreach”
  • Visiting isolated/unknown areas to better understand the culture in order to identify health issues and support changes in behavior

Why a CHW is an important piece to an effective health care team:

  • CHWs provide cultural and community knowledge beneficial for a more thorough community assessment. This can lead to more practical solutions and outcomes.
  • CHWs can bring awareness around health care disparities, creating an opportunity to avoid them by providing better prevention practices.

Want to learn more about Community Health Workers?

Read more about them on SurroundHealth:

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