How healthcare extenders play a key role in stroke patient education

Healthcare extenders play key roles in many health scenarios—assessing, educating, and supporting patients to better manage their health. Many of these patients struggle with physical, cognitive, and emotional barriers, making the healthcare extender role all the more crucial. Member Chris Kelly, MEd, discusses how their role is crucial specifically for stroke patient education, in our latest article on SurroundHealth.

Health Literacy Assessment

According to a study and article published by Dr. Kalina Sanders et. al., entitled, “Assessing the impact of Health Literacy on Education Retention of Stroke Patients,” 59% of stroke patients had inadequate to marginal health literacy. In the SurroundHealth article, Kelly emphasizes how this finding further reinforces the importance of assessing for health literacy challenges following a stroke—especially when presenting post-stoke health education. In addition, healthcare extenders should assess for emotional/psychosocial barriers that could impact health literacy and quality of life for recovering patient (and their family members/caregivers).

Health Education Sessions

Health education sessions offered to stroke patients, like the ones conducted in the study, offer healthcare extenders the chance to assess patients while also educating them. Through assessment, the extender has an opportunity to create individualized plans, helping patients and caregivers to understand and manage emotional and psychosocial symptoms and barriers.

What’s your perspective?

For others who have provided health education, support, and services to adults recovering from a stroke—what are your perspectives and the methods you take in caring for stroke patients? We’d love to hear from you.

Visit us on SurroundHealth to read the full version of, “Empowering Stroke Patients Through Health Education.”

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