3 Resources for Health Professionals to Support Older Adult Exercise

                In a recent SurroundHealth article, member and community contributor, Catherine Solie, CHES, ACSM HFS, stresses the importance of sharing educational health information with older adult patients. Solie explains that often times exercising is a difficult habit to adopt if they don’t have prior formal experience. To help health professionals find useful resources, she shared her top choices for community and online programs available to older adults.

Here are 3 off her list:

International Council on Active Aging Facilities and Services Locator

This website helps older adults and physicians find fitness and wellness facilities dedicated to serving 50-plus adults of different abilities. The locator identifies places (for example, a retirement community, hospital wellness center or health club) with structural design, equipment and staff that welcome older adults.


EnhanceFitness is one of the National Council on Aging’s Evidence Based Physical Activity Programs proven to produce measurable health benefits for older adults. It is an exercise program that helps older adults of all fitness levels become more active, energized, and empowered to sustain independent lives. The program includes one hour group exercise classes that focus on dynamic cardiovascular exercise, strength training, balance and flexibility. There are programs in several states, the list on the webpage above lists the locations of programs.

Arthritis Foundation’s Physical Activity Programs and Resources

The Arthritis Foundation’s Physical Activity Programs include Tai Chi, Aquatics and Exercise programs proven to help people with arthritis, common among older adults, live better by reducing pain and stiffness and increasing strength, flexibility and stamina. The ‘Find a Local Program’ option lists programs by location. If there is not a program in your area there are options to purchase workout DVDs.

For more resources, read the full article on SurroundHealth today!


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