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How healthcare extenders play a key role in stroke patient education

Healthcare extenders play key roles in many health scenarios—assessing, educating, and supporting patients to better manage their health. Many of these patients struggle with physical, cognitive, and emotional barriers, making the healthcare extender role all the more crucial. Member Chris … Continue reading

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Colon Cancer Screening and the Importance of Health Literacy

Last month a study in the journal Gastrointestinal Endoscopy reviewed the health literacy of Internet-based materials on colorectal cancer. The study looked at websites from reputable sources – the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, the National Cancer Institute, the CDC … Continue reading

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3 Public Health Hot Topics for 2014

At the beginning of every New Year, experts and professionals take a look at the past year’s hot topics, advancements, and opportunities for growth. With this, predictions are made for what hot topics will arise as the year progresses and … Continue reading

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Health Literacy and Health Numeracy: Making the Connection

When we think of health literacy, most times our first thoughts are around words and reading. However, health literacy involves much more than just words—what about numbers? Many healthcare extenders struggle with the question: How do you make health data … Continue reading

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How have you been celebrating Health Literacy Month?

Throughout October, across different disciplines in healthcare and education, health literacy is being celebrated in various ways. At halfway through the month, we would like to share how we have been celebrating, as well as give some ideas on how our … Continue reading

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5 Popular Healthcare Infographics on SurroundHealth

Every day, hundreds of infographics are shared online through various sites and social media channels. A growing way to share information in a clear and visual manner, infographics are becoming very popular in the healthcare space. Many of our members … Continue reading

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Educating Patients Using Health Literacy Principles

As health professionals, we understand how important using health literacy principles is when working with patients and caregivers. Using health literate educational  materials and communicating with patients in a health literate manner can not only help patients adhere to their treatment plans, … Continue reading

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