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The rise of the “extenders”—but who are they?

“By the end of 2014, more than half of states were weighing expanding the clinical duties of nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists and others. Scopes of practice for these so-called ‘extenders’ will expand as the US healthcare system absorbs millions of … Continue reading

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3 Tips to Help Patients Combat Chronic Stress

As the holiday season looms, many people begin to experience high levels of stress. In a recent article by member Patricia Hernandez, MPH, MSW, CHES, she explains that while certain levels of stress are normal and can actually prove to … Continue reading

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How healthcare extenders play a key role in stroke patient education

Healthcare extenders play key roles in many health scenarios—assessing, educating, and supporting patients to better manage their health. Many of these patients struggle with physical, cognitive, and emotional barriers, making the healthcare extender role all the more crucial. Member Chris … Continue reading

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Celebrating our Nurses: Representing the Front Lines of Patient Care

“When you’re a nurse, you know that every day you will touch a life or a life will touch yours.” —Anonymous This week is National Nurses Week. SurroundHealth would like to give a big shout out to all the nurses in … Continue reading

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Careers for Health Professionals

Healthcare extenders are at the forefront of patient care—communicating, educating, and caring for them. Important to the healthcare system today, these professionals are starting to be and will continue being majorly impacted by healthcare reform. With the nation focused on … Continue reading

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Top Career Tips for Health Professionals

May is an important month for new beginnings and changes, as graduation ceremonies take place and new grads enter the workforce. Whether you fall under this category, or are just taking a turn in your career path, it’s good to … Continue reading

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Motivational Principles to Help Engage Patients Over Time

How can healthcare extenders motivate patients to make healthy changes? Dr. Rick Botelho, author of “Motivational Practice: Promoting Healthy Habits and Self-Care of Chronic Diseases,” recently shared with us an excerpt containing motivational principles that practitioners can use. Botelho emphasizes … Continue reading

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